Conditions of sale

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Company name   BEYER S.A.S
Legal status and capital   S.A.S au capital de 200 000 €
Manager last name   Beyer
Manager first name   Philippe
Head office   19 rue de l'écluse
Zip code   68120
Country   France
Phone   03 89 52 22 33
Fax   03 89 53 08 32
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Opening hours   Bureaux ouverts du Lundi au Vendredi de 8H à 12H et de 13H à 17H.
Siret No.   947 351 656 00030
APE/NAF code   1039B
Num CNIL   1423118
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13002 Marseille

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1. Acceptance of conditions

The client admits having acquainted himself, at the time of the signing of order, particular conditions of sale enunciated on this screen and expressly declares to accept them unconditionally.

The present general terms of sale govern contractual relations between BEYER SA and her client, both parts accepting them unconditionally. These general terms of sale will predominate over all other conditions appearing in quite other document, except prior, express and written infringement.

2. Products

Photographs have a role of illustration, products that can be led to change. The majority of the products offered to his clients by BEYER SA are available in our warehouse.

The products which we send you have a date of durability the upper or equal in 18 months to reception of the goods.

3. Order

The systems of automatic recording are considered as worth proof, of nature, contents and date of order. BEYER SA confirms the acceptance of the order to the client at address mail whom this one will have announced. Sale will be concluded only as from the confirmation of order. BEYER SA reserves the right to cancel any order of a client with whom would exist a litigation relating to the payment of a previous order. Information enunciated by the purchaser, during the catch of order hires this one: in case of error in the wording of the co-ordinates of the addressee, the seller could not be kept representative for the impossibility in which he could be to deliver the product.

4. Delivery

After confirmation of order, BEYER SA promises to deliver to its conveyor, all references ordered by the purchaser and it for the delay maximum of 6 days finely worked (*), provided that ordered references are available in supply. This conveyor gets involved to him against contract with BEYER SA to deliver order at the purchaser given by BEYER SA. In the case of a transport in system said of against refund, the client promises to regulate to the conveyor or to his representative the totality of the sum pointed out during the confirmation of order.

All orders passed in BEYER SA are intended for the personal usage of the clients, clients or addressees of products refrain from any partial or complete resale of products. BEYER SA indeed frees from any responsibility legal if the settlement of taxes was not performed by the client.

For any lower order in 15 kg, delivery will be performed by post in Colissimo followed according to the choice of transport of the client in metropolitan France. For any the upper order in 15 kg, delivery will be performed by a societé of freight forwarding. Delivery is performed in the time slot envisaged with the client by the direct delivery of the product to the announced addressee, or in case of absence, to another person authorised by the client.

In case of delay in the delivery of the ordered products, BEYER SA will set out to inform you about it. You can also signal us yourlself the delay of delivery via our mail contact. BEYER SA promises to ensure determining the reason of delay and finding an adequate solution with the aim of the final delivery of products ordered as soon as possible.
In the event if, after your order a product would become completely or partly unavailable, BEYER SA will inform you about it by e-mail leaving you possibility:
- or to be delivered by a product equivalent to that ordered
- or to be reimbursed the price of the product at the latest in 30 days of the regulations of order.

In case of visible defects, the purchaser benefits from right back in conditions envisaged in this document.

War, riot, fire, strikes, accidents and impossibility of being supplied are considered to be case of force majeure unloading the seller of its obligation to deliver. Always prove your package at afin arrival if necessary express reservations on the travel voucher. Besides you have a delay of 72 hours (except bank holidays) to demonstrate possible protests to the conveyor by post registered.

For reasons of availability, an order can be several times delivered there to the client. The client regulates while the single delivery. If the client wishes 2 places of delivery, he places 2 orders, with linked expenses of delivery.

* For Christmas, delivery is assured before holidays up to order on December 13th at 0 h 00, any order passed afterwards 23 Decembre will be delivered first week of next January.

5. Retraction

You have 14 days (as from the reception of articles) to form an opinion. In case of exchange or refund, return (@) new article (s) in sound (their) packing of origin, undamaged, at following address:
19 street of the lock

In case of financial year the right of retraction, BEYER SA is kept in the refund of sums poured by the client, without expenses, except for expenses back. Refund is of for the delay maximum of 15 days. Download the Form of retraction to link with article (s) here

6. Price

Price is expressed in euro.
The price pointed out on chips produced does not include the transport.
The price pointed out in the confirmation of order is the final price, expressed all taxes included and including VAT. This price includes the price of products, the expenses of handling, of packing and of conservation of products, the transport charges and expenses of bringing into service.

Put away on expenses of harbour in FRANCE:

- For any the upper purchase in 25€, you benefit from a delivery of 25 % on expenses of harbour.
- For any the upper purchase in 50€, you benefit from a delivery of 50 % on expenses of harbour.
- For any the upper purchase in 75€, you benefit from a delivery of 75 % on expenses of harbour.
- For any the upper purchase in 100€, expenses of harbour are given to you.

Delayed on expenses of harbour stay from Europe:

- For 25 euro of purchases, 10 % of delivery on expenses of harbour
- For 50 euro of purchases, 20 % of delivery on expenses of harbour
- For 75 euro of purchases, 30 % of delivery on expenses of harbour
- For 100 euro of purchases, 50 % of delivery on expenses of harbour

7. Payment

Price invoiced to the client is the price pointed out on the confirmation of order addressed by BEYER SA.
The price of products is payable cash the day of real order.
The payment can be made by bank card carrying acronym CB, by cheque to the order of LOCK BEYER or cashless banking (See "Terms of payment "). Online, CM-CIC p@iement allows you to regulate via a banking server of CIC in a reassured environment.
Your Number of bank card is therefore run to the servers of the bank, your regulations are directly made to a bank in an environment reassured without passing by the server of the boutique, guarantee all the more important as your Numbers are only known to our banking partner (CIC). Order validated by the client will be considered real only when the centres of banking payment concerned will have given their consent. In case of refusal of the said centres, order will be automatically cancelled and the client told by email. Moreover, BEYER SA reserves the right to refuse any order of a client with whom would exist a litigation.

8. Litigations

The present contract is subjected to French law. BEYER SA cannot be kept for representative for damage of all kinds, so material as insubstantial or bodily, which could result from a bad functioning or from a bad use of the commercialised products. The same is true for the possible modifications of products resulting from producers. The responsibility of BEYER SA will be limited, in any case, to the sum of order and could not be implicated for simple errors or omissions which would have been able to remain in spite of all precautions taken in the presentation of products In case of difficulties in the application of the present contract, the purchaser has the possibility, before any action in justice, of searching an amicable solution notably with assistant:
of a professional association of the branch, an association of consumers or quite other advice of its choice. One reminds of him that the research of amicable solution does not interrupt the "short delay" of lawful guarantee, or length of contractual guarantee. One reminds of him that in general and subject to the evaluation of Courts, the respect for the dispositions of the present contract relating to contractual guarantee assumes that the purchaser honours his financial commitments towards the seller.
Claims or protests will always be received benevolently attentive, the good faith always presumed at the one who takes the trouble to display his situations. In case of litigation, the client will contact the firm predominantly to get an amicable solution.
In extremis, the client will be able to grab the Court dealing with trade disputes on which his dwelling place at the time of the conclusion of sale depends.

9. Guarantee

BEYER SA guarantees you that everything the chosen products are fabricated or produced or edited in France. As regards the food the dates pointed out of consumption must be respected by the client.
At any rate BEYER SA will not be able to be kept for representative for not respect for the regulation and legislative dispositions in force in the country of reception, the responsibility of BEYER SA is systematically limited to the value of the implicated product, value in its date of sale and it without possibilities of appeal towards mark or productive society of the product.

In any hypothesis, the client benefits from lawful guarantee of ousting and from hidden vices (Art.1625 1625 and following of the Civil code). Provided that the purchaser shows hidden defect, the seller must legally repair all consequences (art.1641 1641 and following of the civil code); if the purchaser contacts courts, he must make him for the "short delay" as from the discovery of hidden defect (art.1648 1648 of the civil code). You can contact the customer service: 5 days of 7 (from Monday till Friday including) in the Telephone number: 03 89 52 22 33
by mail in (answer under 72 hours)

10. Legal information

The information of information of names collected for the purposes of remote sale is compulsory, this information being necessary for the treatment and the transportation of orders, the establishment of bills and contracts of guarantee. The defect of information draws away the not validation of order. In accordance with law "Computer science and Freedom", the processing of information of names relating to the clients made the object of a statement to the National Committee of Computer science and to Freedom (CNIL). The client has (article 34 of the law of January 6th, 1978) a right of access, of modification, of correction and of abolition of the data which concern him, that he can exercise to BEYER SA. Besides, BEYER SA promises not to announce, free or with counterpart, the co-ordinates of his clients to a third.
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